Why AVAC? Because independently owned AVAC has a 34 year track record in providing personally tailored current and future MARKET values and lease rentals for commercial jets, turboprops and business jets for a diverse range of clients. We value independent analysis, first and foremost.

Calculating Current Values and Forecasting Residual Values requires an appreciation of the dynamic forces affecting supply & demand for all Aircraft Types. To meet the need for an analytical and realistic approach to Market rather than base value forecasting, The Aircraft Value Analysis Company Limited team combines hands-on experience gained with manufacturers and airlines, post-graduate academic research, in-depth knowledge of aircraft and more than 40 years experience of the aviation market.

AVACs clients comprise mostly financial institutions as well as ECAs, lessors and airlines. The diverse client base ensures that the company is not reliant on a single account, thereby reaffirming its independent approach to value analysis. The geographical distribution of AVACs clients and subscribers comprise Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. In addition to providing individual appraisals and market analysis to financial institutions, banks, lessors and airlines, AVAC also publishes The Aircraft Value Reference, available as Aircraft Values Basic or Aircraft Values Pro, and Aircraft Value Journal.

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Paul Leighton

All values are established by Paul Leighton. Paul Leighton is founder and Managing Director of The Aircraft Value Analysis Company, a UK based company that specialises in Future Value Forecasting. Paul is currently editor of AVAC’s in-house periodicals – The Aircraft Value Reference and Aircraft Value News (published by Access Intelligence, USA). He holds a BA(Hons) in International Relations & Politics and has Master of Science degree in Air Transport Management from the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield University. After starting his career at British Aerospace, Hatfield, in the early 1980s on the BAe146 programme, Paul joined the national airline of Papua New Guinea – Air Niugini.

Prior to forming AVAC, Paul worked for an aviation consultancy company in the UK. Paul has made a number of presentations at conferences, including ISTAT, and has been guest lecturer on Future Value Forecasting at Cranfield University.

Contact Paul personally to discuss your individual requirements at pleighton@aircraftvalues.net.

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