The Aircraft Value Analysis Company (AVAC) has a 33 year track record in providing personally tailored current and future MARKET values and lease rentals for commercial jets, turboprops and business jets for a diverse range of clients. We value independent analysis, first and foremost.

Current Aircraft Values Basic Issue – Issue 64 Jets, Issue 62 Turboprops, Business Jets. Values & Lease Rentals as of April 30th 2023. Please Log In to Access. Available to Paid Subscribers. INSTANT ACCESS FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS.

NOTE: Aircraft Values Pro Updated on the 3rd May 2023 10:15 GMT. 

Changes in this Issue: E190P2F, E195P2F added, CFM56 & V2500 Engine Values Added, Helicopter Ratings Added.

NOTE: 2nd May 2023 Update 09:35 GMT- Future Values of A320HES  Corrected – Please Download Excel & PDF Again if Downloaded Before This Correction.

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The Aircraft Value Analysis Company

For over 33 years the appraisal team at The Aircraft Value Analysis Company (AVAC) Limited have provided proven, consistent and client led appraisals.

These appraisals cover Commercial Jets, Turboprops and Corporate Jets / Business Aircraft as well as providing an easy to use subscription based publication service.

AVAC Ltd provides Serial Number specific Aircraft Appraisals, Current Aircraft Values & Future Aircraft Values, Aircraft Residual Values, Lease Encumbered Current Market Values and Aircraft Lease Rates as well as industry leading publications – Aircraft Values Pro & Aircraft Values Basic (on line values) and Aircraft Value News (*published by Access Intelligence).