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The Aircraft Value Analysis Company Limited has been providing serial number specific market values for 26 years. Thousands of individual aircraft are appraised by AVAC each year. The Aircraft Value Analysis Company Limited undertakes Desktop Appraisals for airlines, lessors, financial institutions and ECAs. With BaFin approval AVAC's methodology is proven and contributes to compliance.
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Desktop Appraisal - the aircraft specification is either provided by the client or is determined from the serial number or registration. The detailed 20-30 page appraisal examines the market and provides current and future market values as well as lease rentals if required. The appraisal may also be based on an inspection report provided by the client or undertaken by a company recommended by AVAC. The desktop appraisal is presented as an e-appraisal as well as a formal paper report suitable for credit committee assessment and institutional use.

Opinion Letter - comprising a two page letter detailing the values and lease rentals only.
Commercial Jets, Turboprops, Business Jets, Business Turboprops, Engines, Helicopters.
The team at The Aircraft Value Analysis Company undertakes reports on a wide range of topics including forecasting the demand for new aircraft types and assessing the historical behaviour of values/rentals.

Aircraft Values & Aircraft Lease Rentals - First & Foremost

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AVAC established the concept of Aircraft Ratings for aircraft more than a decade ago and provides investors with an easy to use means of identifying risks.
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The Aircraft Value Analysis Company Limited (AVAC)

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